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College Re opening Notice

College re-opening notice

Date 30th Jan 2022

With reference to the Government of Maharashtra Gr Notification/Gr Sankirna 2021, Pra. kra. 6/ vishi. -3, dated 25.01.2022,  and also from University of Mumbai No. Aff./ICC/ (2021-22)/ 41 / of 2022 ,  this is to notify all students and faculty that offline courses at St.Institute Xavier's of Education will commence on February 1, 2022. Only students who have completed both vaccination doses in person will be permitted to attend all lectures.

Those who prefer to attend the offline courses in person must bring their final vaccination certificate with them for verification. Students who do not willing to attend the lectures in person can participate in hybrid online lectures. Everyone on campus is required to conduct themselves and follow COVID 19 protocols appropriately. It is mandatory to use a face mask.


Circular of reopening