From the Principal’s Desk...

I feel so grateful to be a part of this great institution, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education (Autonomous). The Institute has always strived to be par excellence and always focused on higher goals in the field of education. Our founding fathers, the Jesuits, have provided us the vision “Tenebras Illuminare et vias Dirigere” which means “Illuminate the Darkness and lead the way”.


The autonomous status has been conferred on us in the academic year 2022-2023. This has led to a number of innovations in the curriculum. The staff constantly look at new ways of curriculum transaction and boost the students’ morale. The student teachers are expected to innovate and use progressive teaching strategies. The Institution has a number of workshops, seminars, conferences and faculty development programs to keep the staff and students abreast with latest trends in teaching learning.


The vision of the college “Joyous and Creative Teacher Education” speaks of the Institutional culture and the nature of the curriculum transacted. The Institute is a pioneer in new methods of teaching and research. Action research done in the Institute propels student teachers to disseminate their results in Research forums and also motivates them to understand different research skills. Student teachers are also involved in community work as a part of their B.Ed. program with the thrust on our Jesuit thrust on ‘Forming Men and Women for others’. The experience in the rural set up, teaching and mingling with the rural people provides an affective experience and leads to individual transformation.


The college offers a varied range of ‘Value Added courses’ and ‘Certificate courses’, which are relevant and skill oriented. The institute has conscientized students to social causes, helped in developing critical and analytical thinking abilities. The teachers of St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, are formed as persons of compassion, conscience, commitment, and competence. We believe in giving the ‘MAGIS’ the better and more. In order to achieve this the Institution has signed several memorandums of understanding with other institutions of eminence so that with the collaboration both institutions will gain and share their resources for the greater good of the faculty and students.


The Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm which is a paradigm for personal transformation is used for teaching- learning. This paradigm extrudes our Jesuit philosophy at all levels and manifests itself in all programs. With the autonomous status the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm will be helpful for reflection and planning programs of social relevance and development of individuals who will contribute for others. 


St. Xavier’s Institute of Education (Autonomous) welcomes all, for a greater and a more meaningful experience of knowledge that can transform into global applications for sustainable development. We believe in making our students self-reliant knowledge producers and analytical in mind for greater insight into global problems. The college therefore has a strong infrastructure, the staff have developed a number of value-added courses to enrich the curriculum, variety of certificate courses are designed to upgrade personal and technological skills for the future. There is an active Ph.D. centre with research done in variety of topics that will be used for paving way for more innovations in teaching-learning and the way we understand our students. We hope to make a positive difference in the way teaching learning takes place and also in research.


 “GO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE” - St. Ignatius of Loyola

Dr.Vini Sebastian

In Charge Principal