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Placement Cell is an integral part of the Institute.  It is a platform for students-teachers and the prospective employers have a common ground to meet, interact and have mutual opportunity to acquire employment as well as to select prospective employees.

The B.Ed. Program is a professional course, wherein the graduates from different fields are being equipped with competencies for an effective secondary school teaching work. Thus, placement in the campus is important area of the Program.

The focus of Campus Placement Cell of SXIE is not just employment but employability skills along with it. During the internship as well as community work and theoretical academics the students are made aware of the requirement of the effective teacher.

Placement services

The Institute’s Placement Cell invites principals/heads of institutes from schools of the national and international boards for Campus Interview of the student teachers.


Objectives of the SXIE Placement Cell


1.     To orient students about the trends in the teaching career.

2.     To stimulate their thoughts on the current challenges of the teaching profession like stress, mental health, special children, student related problems

3.     To make students aware of the career opportunities in various educational institutions.

4.     To conduct campus interviews to enable students have variety of opportunities within the institution.

5.     To give a practical experience to students about the various educational setting.


Activities to be conducted


1.     Workshops /Talks on the certain topics like problems in schools, mental health, stress in students and teachers, special children, rules related to teachers, RTE, RTI

2.     A notice board to be maintained.

3.     Pre-Campus Placement Program

4.     TET/ CTET Training

5.     Campus Placement Program


Vision of Placement Cell


The Vision of the Placement Cell is to strive for complete placement of the students interested in entering the world of work.


Highlights of the Campus Placement Program


Program 1: Campus Placement Sessions

Percentage of the students benefit from this program: 100%

1.     Session on International Board Curriculum

2.     Session on Preparation for Interview

3.     Session on Preparing a Curriculum Vitae

4.     Session on Scope of E-tutor and E-Learning designer

5.     Personality Improvement programs

6.     Orientations to school’s work culture, ethos and practices

7.     Support students to prepare for CTET / TET orientation


Pre-Campus Enrichment Programs

The Campus Placement conducts – Pre-campus Enrichment Program to prepare the student teachers with Resume Making, preparing for Mock interviews, Sessions by School Principals from different Boards state, National and even International. The preparation is the policy of the Placement Cell to equip students and mentor them before the Campus Placement.


Program 2: Recruitment process

1.     Schools participated On-Campus

2.     Schools participated Off-Campus

3.     Students who participated in the recruitment process

4.     Students who opted for higher education

5.     Mode of campus placement program: Offline Interview /demo (Since 2021 Zoom Virtual platform)


Program 3: Post Campus Placement

1.     Follow up on the recruitment process

2.     Provide necessary guidance to students to select the schools

3.     Feedback was taken from students



Campus Placement Guidelines

1.     The student teachers must be full time students and have a reasonable attendance to participate in the Campus Placement. The students must follow the Code of Conduct of the Institute.

2.     The students applying for the Campus Placement must fill up the Employment Form with accurate and reliable details.  A data base is created every year on the basis of the information collected.

3.     The students should maintain the decorum during the campus interview process.

4.     The students should go through the prospective employers through the campus placement rather than going for direct contact.

5.     The organizations wishing to attend the Campus Placement have to go through the Campus Placement Cell. All pre-campus offers should be routed through the Placement Office.


Placement Cell

The Campus Placement Cell Is headed by the Principal of the Institute. The faculty members are the placement officers, and the team includes student representatives.


Campus Placement Committee


Head of the Campus Placement Cell- Dr Sosamma Samuel, Principal

Faculty Coordinators- Dr Bijoy Thomas and Ms Priti Sivaramakrishnan


Terms and Conditions

1.     All the Second Year students of batch 2020-22, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education (SXIE), Mumbai, must register for Campus Placement Program. It is not mandatory for a candidate who willingly decides not to participate in any placement drive. But Campus Placement Registration form should be submitted by mentioning the reason for not participating in the campus placement program.

2.     The institute provides you with a platform and guidance to apply to various School Boards through Campus Placement.

3.     The Campus Placement of SXIE does not assure the participation of number of institutes in the campus placement program nor guarantees job through the Campus Placement.

4.     Students will not be allowed for Campus Placement if the Institutional norms and regulations are not adhered at any stage during their B.Ed. course.

5.     The appointment and confirmation of a job is between the employer and the candidate.

6.     The Final B.Ed. marksheet will be handed over to the students only after the submission of:-

a. The CTET/TET passing certificate

b. Any other qualifying  exam like NET/SET  etc.

c. Offer Letter from the Employers

d. Admission to further / higher education

e. Self-employment

7.     It is mandatory for the registered students to attend all the orientations and programme organized by the campus placement cell.

8.     For all matters not covered by the above stated, the Management of the Institute/ the Campus Placement Committee will use its own discretion to take appropriate decisions from time to time and case to case placement policy for students of St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai.

9.     Moreover, the Institute has full discretion to change or modify the rules from time to time.

10.  All the terms and conditions should be agreed upon.

Campus Placement Reports

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IGCSE and IB board 

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List of Employers

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Academic Year 2019-20

Activities organized by the Institute under Campus Placement Program are;

I.     Pre Campus Placement Program

II.  Campus Placement Program

III.   Post Campus Placement Program

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MHRD Swayam Course Result

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Campus Recruitment Program for 2015-17 Batch - Date: 22nd  March 2017

Pre Interview Prepresentation from 11th  to 20th March 2017

Campus Placement Program :  Dubai Scholars: Date : 11.02.2017 / Report

Campus Placement Program : Gems International: 08.03 . 2017

Campus Placement - Employment details

Employment Application Form ( Submit a copy of Employment application form for campus placement)

Orientation to Higher Education : As a part of Campus Recruitment Cell, a session on Orientation to Higher Education was  conducted on Thursday 22nd December, 2016 in St. Xavier’s Institute of Education for the second year B.Ed. students of the batch 2015-2017. The resource person was Dr. Sybil Thomas from the Department of Education, University of Mumbai. The session was organized for providing information about the different courses that a B.Ed. student can pursue for higher education after the completion of the B.Ed. course. 

The schools that came for Campus Placement were as shown in the table below :