Faculty Development Program

Academic Year 2020-21

Faculty development Report

Academic Year 2019-20

Presentation by Ms.Kalapana Chavan

Presentation by Ms.Nishi Kumar

Academic Year 2017- 18

Expert talk on Classroom Observational /Ethnographic Research on 2nd February 2018.

National Seminar - Educational Illumination: Global Understanding and Transformation

Short Term Course- August 7th - 12th 2017

Academic Year 2016-17

A Lecture Conglomeration

Topic : Mental Hygiene : Challenges and Approaches

Date: 27th August, 2016

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Academic Year 2015-16

Reflection on text/article/Book

Professional Development Plan

Reviewing the Theory and Practicum of 2 Year B.Ed Syllabus proposed by University of Mumbai

Academic Year 2014-15

The following programs were undertaken to enhance the effectiveness of the faculty.

Name of the Programme

A Letter to a Teacher (Book Review) 16.07.2015 Orientation by the Principal to the Staff Members on Book

Review : A Letter to a Teacher (Book Review) 19.07.2015 Presentation by the Staff Members


Micro teaching skills

1. Introduction to Micro Teaching

2. Skill of Explanation

3. Skill of Questioning

4. Skill of IWE

5. Skill of Set Induction

6. Integrated Lesson

7. Objectives & Specifications

8. Demonstration Lessons

9. Simulated Lessons

10.Unit Planning

11.Computer Assisted Presentation

12.Action Research

13. E- Pathshala

Academic Year 2013-14

This academic year the efforts for Faculty Development were as follows;

Faculty Forum; The Forum presented a platform for the teacher educators to share the Action Research Projects of the student teachers that they were guiding. This gave an opportunity for greater learning in research not only for the presenter but also for the other attending staff members. The objective of the exercise was to have intellectual deliberations on research to enhance understanding and enrich any further research endeavour.

  • Study Circle; Gopal Midha from TISS conducted a study circle on the article titled ‘Motivation’ for the in-house faculty. The discussion was very fruitful and stimulated analytical thinking, informed reflection and practice among the staff.

  • Roundtable Consultation; This was an enlightening session organized by the Institution in collaboration with Observer Research Foundation on ‘Teacher Education: Enhancing Quality and Relevance’. The objective of the session was to highlight the need for a renewed understanding of teacher preparation courses in the light of various Commissions, Reports and Acts. Prof. Anita Rampal from Delhi University threw light upon the Justice Verma Committee Report, the RTE Act, the NCFTE and their implications on the B.Ed. programme. The session highlighted the need to encourage Constructivist Approaches to teaching and also a renewed look at the Internship Program.

  • An Interaction session was organized between the teacher educators of the Institute and Dr. Subramaniam from Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) and his team. The HBCSE team and the in-house faculty of the Institute made presentations on their respective areas of focus.