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St. Council Investiture: 21st November 2019

Diwali Celebrations : 24th October 2019

Student Council Campaign : June 6th 2019


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Welcoming the First Year B.Ed. Students

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The institution always caters towards democratic setup by providing opportunities to the students to participate in the process of planning. Based on this aim, the institution has the culture of setting up the student council through democratic way. In this current academic year, the student council investiture was held on 17th October 2016. Student council members lead the student community to organize various activities catering to the students’ needs in different ways. The students actively participate in organizing events for themselves through the student council. The council organizes various activities that are in sync with holistic development of teachers. To celebrate the secularity in sync with the theme of the year different festivals were celebrated in special way. Diwali and Navratri where to develop cohesiveness among the class, the council encouraged everyone at the institute to wear the designated colours during the nine days of Navratri. During Christmas, there was an element of being with the community and giving back in the possible ways to the community. This involved arrangement of visits to the community centres and be with the marginalized section of the society like the old and deserted people, special children and destitute women and give donation in kind to these organizations that are doing so much for these people. With the visit, there was also fun and entertainment at the institute which involved students to present cultural programme and understand the importance of the festivals in India.

The council also arranged indoor games, and executed inter house competitions at the institutional level. The following activities were conducted with the support of student council:

1.    Talents Day: 10th October 2016

2.    Diwali Celebration: 25th October 2016

3.    Christmas Celebration: 23rd December 2016

4.    Indoor Games Orientation: 8th November 2016

5.    National Education Day: 21st November 2016

6.    Parent Interact: 19th November 2016

7.    Class Picnic: 1st April 2017

8.    Valedictory: 7th April 2017

Student council meetings were held systematically and regularly to discuss the various issues and concerns of the students regarding the campus life. There were 10 formal and 6 informal student council meetings held in the current academic year.

Report Onam Celebrations

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Annual Picnic

Election Report - Details

Marathi Literature



Student Council Members

Class Representative: Mr. Macjoyle Barretto

Assistant Class Representative: Ms. Fatema Sangotwala

Asha House Leader: Ms. Sayelie D’Abreo

Asha House Assistant Leader: Ms. Lisa Mendes

Astha House Leader: Ms. Namrita Singh

Asha House Assistant Leader: Ms..Cecilia Lemos

Satya House Leader: Ms. Gyzel Rodrigues

 Satya House Assistant Leader: Ms. Greeti Chacko

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STUDENT COUNCIL: Election campaign

The most awaited and anxious event for the year 2014-15 was the student council election campaign. The campaign was held on the 30th of August in the presence of our beloved principal Dr. Sybil Thomas. All approved candidates had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the whole student body through speeches on the Election Day. Every candidate spoke on why they should be elected to the post. The student body was eagerly waiting to listen to the candidates.

Dr.  Rashida Kapadia called out the names of the candidates and each one came up to the dais and spoke about their qualities as a leader and also shared their experiences of being in a student council body in the past. Altogether it was a day of many promises and assurances made by the various candidates. 18 nominated candidates presented themselves on this day for the various posts of the student council. The students were given time of seven days to get nominated for the different posts.


Election to the student council for the academic year 2014-15 was conducted at St. Xavier’s Institute of Education on 30th August 2014, Saturday. Students contested for various posts like the CR, Asst. CR, Leader and Asst. leader of Satya House, Leader and Asst. leader of Asha House, Leader and Asst. leader of Astha house. In connection to this election, candidate speech was organized by the college. The student body was given time to decide which candidate to vote for.

The elections were carried on in three stages. It started with the Election of the Class Representative followed by the Asst. Class representative. The Staff-in-charge wrote the names of the candidates on the board and the students casted their votes for their candidate. Once the Class Representative and the Asst. Class representative were elected the student were divided into their respective houses into three different rooms. There the elections for the house leaders and Asst. house leaders were conducted. Once this process was over The Winners were announced by the Principal. The New Student Council body that was elected are as follows:

Mevil Wilson – Class Representative

Rinda Fernandes – Asst. Class Representative

Stanley Thomas – Leader of Asha House

Lizelle Montes – Asst. Leader of Asha House

Ashish Mankeshwar – Leader of Astha House

Christina Santiago – Asst. Leader of Astha House

Stuffin Machado – Leader of Satya House

Dinesh Gawande – Asst. Leader of Satya House.

After this Fr. Oliver and Fr. Richard Blessed the Newly elected student council and wished them luck. The entire process of student council elections followed a pattern of free and fair elections. Complete transparency was maintained and students were made to be a part of this entire democratic process. The class felt empowered and responsible for their decisions. 


 One of the most awaited event at St Xavier’s Institute of Education is the Investiture Ceremony. This event played its colors on 01st September 2014 amidst the presence of the Manager, the Principal of SXIE, the exuberating staff members, the fun loving classmates and the elected leaders to form the body of the Council. 

 It was a day full of grandeur, beginning with the powerful speech addressed by the principal, Dr. Sybil Thomas. She then called upon the elected members of the Council and invested the responsibilities to: 

Mevil Wilson – Class Representative

RindaFernandes – Asst. Class Representative

Stanley Thomas – Leader of Asha House

Lizelle Montes – Asst. Leader of Asha House

AshishMankeshwar – Leader of Astha House

Christina Santiago – Asst. Leader of Astha House

Stuffin Machado – Leader of Satya House

Dinesh Gawande – Asst. Leader of Satya House.

The flags were handed over to the leaders by the Manager Rev Fr. Blaise D’souza.

The Class Representative Mevil Wilson addressed his first speech as the leader of the council. His words were enlightening and threw light on the aims and objectives of the council. The main catching sentence was “we will talk less and work more”.

The speech was then followed by the oath taking ceremony by the elected council members,the oath to shoulder the responsibility as a leader and to carry out the duties in fidelity and loyalty towards the welfare of the classmates and the college.The ceremony would be incomplete without the Manager addressing the gathering. Rev Fr. Blaise brought out the idea of a leader very well in the story that he narrated to us about a sculptor. His main idea was “If you dream alone it’s just a dream. But if you dream together it’s a reality” these words was a good start to the newly elected council members. He assured his best wishes to the council and ended his speech.

With due respect to the college, we sang the College song together.

Later a group photo of the newly invested Student council members along with Fr. Blaise D’souza, Dr. Sybil Thomas and the staff members against the beautifully decorated C.B by Linford Amara & his team.