Seminars and Workshop

Academic Year 2017-18

Academic Year 2014-15

  • National Conference: UGC sponsored National Conference on “Contouring Quality in Higher Education”

  • Short Term Courses: Short Term Courses on the theme “Mentoring Students for their Progression” was conducted by the institute under the aegis of the UGC Academic Staff College.

  • Meeting: A meeting of the principals with Dr. Anitha Ramphal was organized by the institute in collaboration with the UGC Academic Staff College and the Department of Education of the University of Mumbai

  • Workshop on IPP: Sessions conducted for teachers of Jesuit schools and faculty members of Seva Sadans’ College of Education on the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP)

  • E waste Management: Presentation on E-waste management conducted with

  • Learning to teach Mathematics: A 4-day workshop for teachers conducted in collaboration with Homi-Bhabha Centre for Science Education

  • Study circles: Study circles were conducted on the book “Letter to a Teacher” for students as well as the staff. , During internship study circles were coordinated by the staff members on the article “Pluralism –A Pedagogy of Tolerance”. The discussion on the article was conducted again by the author Fr. Rudolf Heredia

  • National Conference: Organized by St. Xavier’s Institute of Education & Bombay Teachers’ Training College on ‘Enriching Education: Sculpting Humane Professionals’.

Academic Year 2013-14

  • Study Circle : Gopal Midha from TISS conducted a study circle on the article titled ‘Motivation’ for the in-house faculty. The discussion was very fruitful and stimulated analytical thinking, informed reflection and practice among the staff.

  • Roundtable Consultation : This was an enlightening session organized by the Institution in collaboration with Observer Research Foundation on ‘Teacher Education: Enhancing Quality and Relevance’. The objective of the session was to highlight the need for a renewed understanding of teacher preparation courses in the light of various Commissions, Reports and Acts. Prof. Anita Rampal from Delhi University threw light upon the Justice Verma Committee Report, the RTE Act, the NCFTE and their implications on the B.Ed. programme. The session highlighted the need to encourage Constructivist Approaches to teaching and also a renewed look at the Internship Program.

  • An Interaction session was organized between the teacher educators of the Institute and Dr. Subramaniam from Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) and his team. The HBCSE team and the in-house faculty of the Institute made presentations on their respective areas of focus.

  • Life Skills Sessions: The staff members conducted brief sessions each day in the time allotted on the time table for Life skills. The sessions were all activity based. The themes selected were Communication skills, Ethics in ICT, Cathartic Meditation, Conflict Resolution etc.

  • Dhwani : This was a workshop on Sign Language for the Auditory Challenged. The institution arranged for the Workshop wherein the Resource person Principal Lata Nayak from Rotary Sanskardham Academy apprised the student teachers of the basics of Sign language.

  • Teacher Eligibility Test : TET is a qualifying examination for the new entrant teachers in schools conducted by the State government. The student teachers were given orientation and inputs on the various papers of the TET.

  • Workshop was conducted on ‘Performance Transformations’ by Dr. Godwin Vaz of Australia for the B.Ed students