Best Practices

Academic Year 2021-22

IQAC Best Practices 2021 - 2022 

Academic Year 2020-21

IQAC Best Practice- Waste Management

IQAC Best Practice Technology enabled culture

Academic Year 2019-20

Waste Management in Collaboration with NGO

Library as Hub for Community engagement

Best Practice : OPEN FORUM (An IQAC Initiative)

Waste Management - Project Mumbai Collaboration (Contunuation of Actvitiy from 2018-19 onwards)

Waste Management Initiative 2019-20 Collaboration with Safai Bank of India

X LED Marshalls- Safety & Security, Hygiene & Energy Saving and Technology & Infrastructure Care 2019-20 

Library as A Hub for Text Critiquing (Contunuation of Actvitiy from 2018-19 onwards)

X-LED (Contunuation of Actvitiy from 2016-17 onwards) : Concept note / DIGITAL LEARNING PACKETS (DLP) / Details/ Details

Domain Specific Learning Management System : GSUITE ( -Upgradation to G Suite for Education (Contunuation of Actvitiy from 2017-18 onwards)

Learner Profile

 Academic Year 2018-19

Best Practices 2018-20 : Text Critiquing (An IQAC Initiative)

Best Practice 2018-19 : Waste Management (An IQAC Initiative) : Review of the Activity

Internship School Assembly Report on Waste Management

X LED Activity Contunuation of Actvitiy from 2016-17 onwards)

 Academic Year 2017-18

Best Practices 2018-20  SXIE   Learning Management System : An IQAC Initiative 

Academic Year 2016-17

Best Practices 2016-17  X LED - An IQAC Initiative Click here

Best Practices 2016-17  Academic Brouchure : An IQAC Initiative

TEAP : 2 Credit Program