Quality Initiatives for 2021-2022

2.2.2 Mechanisms are in place to honour student diversities in terms of learning needs; Student diversities are addressed on the basis of the learner profiles

2.2.2 Mechanisms are in place to honour student diversities in terms of learning needs; Student diversities are addressed on the basis of the learner profiles F.Y. Mentoring/academic counselling F.Y.B.Ed list of students attached in Sheet A1.  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/FY%20MENTORING%20GROUPS%20LIST%20%202022.pdf

S.Y. Mentoring/academic counselling S.Y.B.Ed list of students attached in Sheet B : https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/2021-22%20mentoring%20group.pdf

2.2.2 2. Peer feedback/Tutoring Internship :  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Arwa-%2040-HANDBOOK%20SEMSTER%20III_220124_185933.pdf

2.2.2 3. Remedial learning engagement

Remedial Teaching & Learning (Knowledge & Curriculum), Remedial Teaching & Learning (Educational Management), Tutorial and Remedial Teaching (Pedagogy of Science), Dr.Bijoy :  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Remedial%20Combined%20of%20Knowledge%20and%20Curriculum%2C%20Educational%20Management%2C%20Pedagogy%20of%20Teaching%20Science..pdf

Tutorial (Assessment for Learning) Ms.Priti : https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Evidence_%202.2.2%20Tutorial%20_Assessment%20for%20Leraning..pdf

Internship remedial teaching and learning Ms.Priti : https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Evidence_%202.2.2%20Remedial%20Teaching%202021-2022%20%28Internship%29.pdf

Learning Enhancement/enrichment inputs Preparing Learning Resource  Dr.Bijoy Thomas :  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Orientation%20on%20Developing%20Learning%20Resources%202021-22.pdf

Computers in Education Dr.Bijoy Thomas :  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Value%20Added%20program%202021-22.pdf

Padlet group activity (Pedagogy of Science) Dr. Bijoy Thomas : https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Collaborative%20task%20for%20Sciecne%20and%20Contemporary%20India%20and%20Education.pdf

Jam Board Activity (Assessment for Learning) Ms.Priti S : https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/Evidence%202.2%20Collaborative%20tasks%20_%282021-2022%29%20-%20Google%20Jamboard.pdf

MCQ (Knowledge and Curriculum) Ms.Kalpana Chavan



Mentoring/Academic counselling S.Y.B.Ed list of students attached in Sheet B https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/2021-22%20mentoring%20group%20.pdf

Peer Feedback Tutoring  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/peer%20feedback%20and%20tutoring_2.2.2.docx.pdf

2.3.2 Number of teachers integrating ICT for effective teaching 

Number of teachers integrating ICT for effective teaching :  https://sxie.info/IQAC-2021-2022/ICT.pdf

2.3.4   ICT support is used by students in various learning situations

2.4.2 Reports and photographs of video and activities 

2.4.5 Adequate skills are developed in students for effective use of ICT for teaching learning process 

2.4.6 Students develop competence to organize academic, cultural, sports and community related events

2.3.2 Percentage of teachers integrating ICT (excluding use of PPT) for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS),Swayam Prabha, e-Learning Resources and others during the last five years



Dr.Vini Sebastian

Dr.Shadab Paloji

Dr.Bijoy Thomas



Dr. Vini Sebastian 

Dr. Shadab Paloji 

Ms.Priti Sivaramakrishnan 

Dr.Bijoy Thomas

2.3.3 Students are encouraged to use ICT support (mobile-based learning, online material, podcast, virtual laboratories, learning apps etc.) for their learning including on field practice

3.2.2 Number of books and / or chapters in edited books published and papers in National / International conference-proceedings per teacher during the year

Dr.Vini Sebastian 

Ms. Kalapana Chavan  

Dr.Elvina Pereira 

Dr.Shadab Paloji 

Dr.Meena  Suryavanshi 

Dr.Geeta Shetty 

Dr. Bijoy Thomas 

Ms.Nishi Kumar

3.4.2 Functional MoUs with institutions of National and / or International importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years 

SnehaSadan Home for HomelessVinyalaya 

Bombay Teacher's Training College 

St.Xavier's College, Mumbai, 

Safai Bank of India 

Sophia College 

St.Xavier's College of Education (Autonomous), Palliyamkottai 

Smt.Kapila Khandvala College of Education 

42. 2 Instituion has remote access to library resources which students and teachers use frequently