Course Outcomes

B.Ed. Program

Affiliated to University of Mumbai


" Joyous, Creative Teacher Education "


" To Provide Quality Education For Empowerment and Enlightenment To create a just and Humane Society and Strive to build a World of Faith, Freedom and Fellowship For God's Greater Glory "


  1. PO: 1 Demonstrates comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of Education as an academic discipline

  2. PO: 2 Demonstrates pedagogical skills and teaching competencies in classroom teaching, applies the pedagogical theories and skills in project-based activities like internship, community work and co- curricular activities

  3. PO: 3 Analyses the concepts and theories in education for understanding the foundations of teaching and learning

  4. PO: 4 Engages in Curricular activities, developing appropriate assessment, evaluation and teaching strategies according to needs of students and conducting action research to solve classroom problems.

  5. PO: 5 Demonstrates critical sensibilities towards lived experiences, develops and awareness of self and social needs, ability to recognize and handle diverse learners through reflective pedagogies esp. during internship and community work.

  6. PO:6 Demonstrates ability to promote a just and humane society through personal and professional integrity and accountability

  7. PO: 7 Communicating thoughts and ideas using various media, and communicate effectively in clear and concise manner in different groups.

  8. PO:8 Demonstrates a sense of inquiry and capability to ask relevant questions, investigate into cause-effect relationships, problematize, analyze and synthesize in areas of Action Research, research-based assignments and content understanding

  9. PO: 9 Develops ability to access, use different digital tools and e-resources for equitable education to integrate technological and pedagogical skills.

  10. PO:10 Develops ability and capacity to know how to learn, to adapt innovative and updated teaching learning, research and assessment methods necessary for life- long learning.

  11. PO:11 Fosters the values of social responsibility and community engagement through community work, assemblies and outreach programs and work towards a just and humane society

  12. PO:12. Demonstrates ability to work with different groups effectively, on the principles of collaboration, conflict resolution civic sense, cooperation, dialogue and team building for higher common goals

  13. PO:13. Develops skills of promoting harmony with self, society and nature, that leads to sustainable living.

Program Outcome and Course Outcome

PO and CO Document 2020-21

B.Ed. Syllabus 2017