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Paper Title : The Impact of sensation seeking on Depression among Civil Service Aspirants - 

Authors : Ms.V. Selva Meenakshi and  Dr.B.William Dharma Raja  / Page No. 07-12


Sensation seeking is a personality trait defined by the need for varied, novel and complex sensational experiences and the willingness to take physical, social and financial risk for the sake of such experiences. Most of the human beings seek sensation to some extent that affords the experience within their threshold. But high sensation seekers prefer extremity for sensations in whatever activities they engage. Deprivation of sensation among high sensation seekers leads to frustration and make them deviated from social norms. No challenges and compulsion to continue a routine pattern of work in the profession may cause depression to the high sensation seekers which negatively affects how they feel, the way they think and how they act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Sensation seekers are preferable to perform jobs that are deviated from normal routine which require different dimensions. Civil service is one such profession that requires people who are equipped to be multifaceted which is different from the normal monotonous job. Civil servants form the stable structure and support of administrative system. There are many external and internal factors that induce the thirst to become civil servants. But the success in their career depends on the intrinsic factors and personality traits like sensation seeking is one such factor. This study attempts to study the level of sensation seeking among civil service aspirants and analyse the relationship between sensation seeking and depression.

Key words: Sensation seeking, Depression, Civil servants, Profession