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Paper Tile : Shifting Focus From Knowledge-Based Learning To Application-Based Learning -

Author : Mr.Ivan Mathew John / Page No. 19-26


The value of knowledge application is emphasized within the National Education Policy, 2020. The system of education however continues to be largely driven by the need to disseminate knowledge from teachers to students. As a result, testing also reflects an imbalance in the kind of questions asked; most often ‘knowledge and understanding’ type questions. An effort is made to highlight the need for educational institutions to transform instructional processes so that they are fine-tuned to the aims, objectives and specified learner competencies. Paper setting too should be guided by a Blue Print with a conscious tilt towards ‘application-type’ questions and other Higher Order Thinking Skills. It would be necessary to assess these divergent responses with a spelled-out Assessment Criteria, as this would also go a long way in standardizing the evaluation process. These are important as the products of the present educational system need to be well-equipped with twenty-first-century skills before they are sent out into the world.

Keywords: application question, assessment criteria, cognitive domain, evaluation, instructional process