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Paper Tile :Investigating Teaching Career Choices and Perception towards Teaching Profession among Student Teachers -

Author : Dr.Bijoy K Thomas / Page No. 27-39


Education is essential to cultivating respect for the value, dignity, and equality in a diverse society. Teachers believe in the power of education and the importance of providing children with excellent role models, and they teach with that faith. They teach not for recognition or wages but because they are passionate about youth and education. They can play a crucial role in laying the foundation for the future of society because they will educate students in school according to their beliefs and values. Therefore, teachers must internalize universal values ​​to cultivate a dignified generation for a peaceful society. Many factors influence the teachers to play a pivotal role in society. Two significant factors that shape teachers' professional identity are the motivating factors that force individuals to choose the teaching profession and the teachers' perception of teaching. Determining reasons for choosing to teach and career perceptions of student teachers will help to analyze the thinking process of their vision towards teaching. The present research study has been specifically explored to examine the motives behind selecting teaching as a profession and student teachers' perceptions towards the teaching profession. In this study, qualitative methods were adopted for exploring research questions. The participants of the study were 28 second year student teachers. The study identified various themes and subthemes from the participants' qualitative responses.

Keywords: Career path, perception towards teaching