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Paper Tile :Open Pedagogy For Enrichment and Transformation

Author : Dr. Vini Sebastian / Page No. 40-45


Open Pedagogy has been advocated by many educators and philosophers. The principles of open pedagogy are not yet implemented in our educational institutions in full measure. The paper explains the meaning of open pedagogy in detail, and also expresses a different point of view about open pedagogy. Educational institutions must be able to adopt the principles and techniques of open pedagogy to develop the minds of their students and help them grow in full measure. Growth involves the participation of students in the teaching- learning process. Open pedagogy shifts the role to learners as co-creators of knowledge, promoting full freedom to teachers and students to dissolve the boundaries of the prescribed curriculum and break free into a world of learning with no strings attached. Open pedagogy also stresses on give and take principle, while focusing on the use of open educational resources. This paper will beneficial to teachers, students and administrators to check their practices and also implement the suggestions for open pedagogy. The author hopes to communicate the principles of open pedagogy, especially for teacher education institutions. The paper also provides how OERs can be integrated into the teaching-learning situation keeping in mind David Wiley's 'OER enabled pedagogy. The paper can be of great significance to policymakers and those involved in the examination and syllabus framing.

Keywords: Open Pedagogy, OER, Academic freedom, Experiential learning, Differential treatment