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Paper Title : A Metacognitive Perspective of Triple Loop Learning - 

Author : Dr. Geeta S. Shetty  / Page No. 46-55


The most crucial factor that influences learning in an individual is the personal factor. What one learns from the environment depends upon how it is perceived by the learner. Depending upon this, there are three loops of learning that determine the depth of learning that has taken place. Educationists should not stop with the first and second loop of learning, rather learners should be made competent in triple loop learning, as it ensures learning through reflection. Triple Loop learning involves focusing on the deeper thought patterns and beliefs that make one arrive at a particular analysis of events /phenomena. To achieve this, teachers need to adopt Metacognitive teaching, so that they can enable the learners to think about the way they think, thereby leading to triple loop learning. Metacognitive strategies would enhance the critical thinking skills of learners leading to meaningful construction of knowledge. The paper endeavours to throw light on the inter-connectedness of the two concepts namely Triple Loop Learning and Metacognition.

Keywords: Loops of Learning, Triple Loop Learning, Metacognition