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Paper Title :A Study of Impact of Mentoring on Trainee Teachers Coping with the B.Ed. Course -

Author : Dr. Shadab Paloji / Page No. 62-72


Mentoring has a long long-standing tradition. The word “Mentor” is deciphered from the Greek mythology, wherein the story tells about Ulysses who entrusted his remarkably close friend named Mentor the responsibility of his son when he set out for his epic voyage on the seas. This is from where got the word mentor and the mentoring as an action for the assigned mentor. This is a relationship of faith, trust, confidentiality, and responsibility. It is a one-on-one relation between a mentor and a mentee. The mentor could be defined as someone who is matured enough to share his/ her knowledge, skills, and experience with other people to progress in life and career most importantly. The progress is professional, personal, emotional stability, supporting work/life balance and to have a relaxed, stress-free life. Mentoring has become in present times especially important part of any organization be it educational or corporate because with the changing times there is an increase in the stress level of individuals. This stress leads to poor mental health and as the situation deteriorates the result of it may develop into drastic steps taken by the individuals.

Keywords: mentoring, work life balance, stress, career growth, quality